Community Access and Engagement Workgroup 2 & 3

The Blueprint calls out specific needs to increase community access to affordable, nutritious foods as well as better community-driven solutions to food insecurity through Goals 2 and 3. The work group for these goals will focus on strategies to improve this community access and enhance and engage community-driven solutions.

Dec. 7, 2018 Kickoff Meeting Summary

Colorado Blueprint to End Hunger Work Group 2&3 launched its work in support of Blueprint goals “increasing the number of Coloradans who can access affordable, nutritious food in their communities” and “increasing the number of Coloradans who can access food assistance and nutritious food through community-based organizations”. Initial work group efforts centered around establishing meeting and group norms as well as initial prioritization of strategies to support the group goal. A full list of work group meeting notes, as well as all documents shared in the meeting, are available on the Blueprint website archived under the Governance and Work Groups tab. The work group will determine group governance at its next meeting.

During the meeting, work group members were updated on early Blueprint successes including the increase of the SNAP enrollment threshold from 130 percent of FPL to 200 percent of FPL. Group members then prioritized the key strategies outlined in the Blueprint for their work going forward as well as began to work through tactics that would underpin those strategies.

Initial prioritization for group work includes the following strategies:

  • Build upon successful, statewide delivery systems to increase the amount of and access to nutritious, fresh foods in all communities

  • Promote community- and consumer-driven models that effectively connect people with nutritious food resources and integrates their leadership into policy and systems improvements

  • Strengthen the capacity and efficiency of local food banks and food pantries to reach underserved Coloradans through additional funding and purchasing power

Next steps will include work group members establishing a dedicated time and date for group meetings in 2019.