Increasing SNAP and WIC Enrollment Workgroup 4

Called out as a critical need and achievable goal -- Goal 4 in the Blueprint – is the effort to increase enrollment in SNAP and WIC for all Coloradans who are eligible but not currently enrolled. This workgroup is focused on enhancing and better coordinating current efforts, providing additional resources and filling gaps to help attain the goal.

Nov. 30, 2018 Kickoff Meeting Summary

Colorado Blueprint to End Hunger Work Group 4 launched its work in support of Blueprint goal “maximizing SNAP and WIC enrollment to become a leading state for enrollment” in the programs. Initial work group efforts centered around establishing meeting and group norms, expanding group understanding of new and ongoing programs in the space and determining any initial areas of alignment for next steps. At the work group’s direction, staff will provide the group with a framework for group governance that utilizes a co-chair model.

During the meeting, work group members were updated on early Blueprint successes including the increase of the SNAP enrollment threshold from 130 percent of FPL to 200 percent of FPL. Group members also provide updates on new projects and programs their organizations are working on in the space. The work group also identified potential areas of alignment and additional needs including:

  • Creating a more formal and accessible accounting of all work already going on for SNAP and WIC outreach and enrollment across all organizations at the state, county and local level

  • Identifying better metrics to identify what is working

  • Acknowledging a need to have end user feedback on proposed goals and strategies either through work group participation or other mechanisms

  • Creating a clear focus on improving user experience including making sure that policies are implemented on the ground in a way that works for people.

  • Using the work group network to ensure that people and organizations are aware of the initiatives and supports already existing and those coming online in the near term

Next steps will include work group members establishing a dedicated time and date for group meetings in 2019. Members were interested in potentially using various locations for their meetings, assuming those spaces allow for remote meeting access.