Maximizing Child Nutrition Workgroup 5

The Blueprint focus on Goal 5  was to make Colorado a national leader in the delivery of child nutrition programs so all our children can grow without the impacts of food insecurity. This work group will focus on strategies outlined in the Blueprint to support this goal.

Dec. 7, 2018 Kickoff Meeting Summary

Colorado Blueprint to End Hunger Work Group 5 launched its work in support of Blueprint goal to “maximize participation in Federal Child Nutrition programs, moving Colorado to become a national leader in delivery of these vital programs“. Initial work group efforts centered around establishing meeting and group norms, expanding group understanding of new and ongoing programs in the space and determining any initial areas of alignment for next steps. A full list of work group meeting notes, as well as all documents shared in the meeting, are available on the Blueprint website archived under the Governance and Work Groups pages.

During the meeting, work group members were updated on early Blueprint successes including the increase of the SNAP enrollment threshold from 130 percent of FPL to 200 percent of FPL. Group members also provide updates on new projects and programs their organizations are working on in the space. The work group identified two initial priority areas for its work as:

  • Maximize participation, innovation and effectiveness in school-based child nutrition programs by providing technical assistance and support to all school districts

  •  Increase capacity, collaboration and coordination of agencies, organizations and schools to ensure full-year access to healthy foods for children both in and out of school and child care settings

Next steps will include work group members establishing a dedicated time and date for group meetings in 2019.