The Blueprint’s Governing Council

The Blueprint governing council will be made up of groups representing the breadth of organizations and individuals working on or experiencing hunger. The council represents a shared governance model aimed at ensuring the Blueprint efforts are community-lead and tied to the lived experience of those facing hunger as well as those working on-the-ground to end hunger. Council members include:

  • Laura Molina, Coordinadora del Mercado, GrowHaus

  • Carrie Cortiglio, Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing

  • Donna Garnett, Montbello FreshLo Initiative

  • Todd Jorgensen, Denver Department of Human Services

  • Mark Kling, Family Resource Center Association

  • Meighen Lovelace, Community Food Advocate

  • Bob O’Connor, Weld County Food Bank

  • Marc Jacobson, Hunger Free Colorado

  • Teva Sienicki, Metro Caring

  • Christina Suh, Children’s Hospital

  • Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment representative

  • Danielle Bock, Nutrition Services Director, Weld County School District

  • Ki’i Powell, Colorado Department of Human Services

  • Kelleen Zubick, Share Our Strength/Cooking Matters

  • Open seat for a community member with lived experience

  • Erin Ulric, incoming Implementation Director


June 21, 2019 Meeting Summary

The Governing Council meeting began with updates, including that Lena would be leaving the Governing Council, she will be replaced on an interim basis by Ki’I at the Colorado Department of Human Services.

The Governing Council then received a review of the listening tour that Implementation Director Erin Ulric has been on over the last 5 weeks. She provided a comprehensive SWAT analysis broken out based on responses from Governing Council members and the Blueprint membership as a whole.

The Governing Council agreed that one of its next steps needed to be recruitment for the Governing Council, with a focus on representatives with lived experience. The goal is to identify candidates and extend invitations before a planned Governing Council retreat in August, giving candidates the option of joining now, or after ground rules are better established.

The meeting concluded with a discussion of a grant made to the Colorado Prevention Alliance by The Colorado Health Foundation. The funds currently reside at the Blueprint home office and are unused. There was discussion about who might have capacity to complete the grant and Marc Jacobson of Hunger Free Colorado agreed to talk to potential partners and report back to the Governing Council.

May 24, 2019 Meeting Summary

Governing Council (GC) began with updates from their organizations and from the work groups. This was followed by an update on the state of the Blueprint by new Implementation Director Erin Ulric. Erin was focused on completing a listening tour, talking with all of the current partners engaged in the Blueprint, and in developing a budget and work plan for the Blueprint home office which is due to be presented to The Colorado Health Foundation (TCHF) June 30th. A request was made that she provide a summary of what she’s learned from her interviews upon completion.

The subcommittee on GC operating policies reported back on their work developing policies, and reviewing the Fiscal Sponsorship agreement between the GC and the Blueprint home office (Trailhead Institute). The Fiscal Sponsorship agreement is due by July 1, 2019 and was returned to the subcommittee for completion. A request was made for Trailhead’s lawyers to prepare a set of by-laws for the GC.

Discussion concluded with a report from the subcommittee on Terms, Recruitment and Election for Governing Council (GC) members. The subcommittee reported back on what they had developed but discussion was limited by time. Due to the issues requiring consideration the next meeting was moved to June 21, 2019 and extended to three hours.

 February 22, 2019 Meeting Summary

The Governing Council continued its organizational work including the following updates and decisions.

  • The Governing Council received an update on the work of each workgroup

  • A subcommittee of the Governing Council has begun reviewing applications for the Implementation Director position. The committee continues to be focused on hiring likely in April, but efforts to create a robust and fair process is a primary focus.

  • The Governing Council was updated on program office finances. Current support for a planning phase of the program office will extend through June 2019. On July 1, program office finances will be directed by the Governing Council with input from the workgroup priorities. The five-year timeframe for the effort begins on July 1, 2019.

  • The Governing Council elected leadership. The governance consensus was that Mark Kling from the Family Resource Association and Teva Seinicki from Metro Caring will serve as Governing Council co-chairs through December 2019.

  • The Governing Council is currently considering structure for ongoing council operations including how staggered terms will work and how board recruitment toward greater inclusivity should be accomplished. There is currently one vacancy on the Governing Council for an individual from the community with lived experience.

In their March meeting, the Governing Council will consider structure questions as well as continue work on the Implementation Director hiring process.  

January 25, 2019 Meeting Summary

The Governing Council continued its organizational work including the following updates and decisions.

  • The council received updates on workgroup activities and research needs.

  • The council approved a letter of support for a Colorado Department of Education and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment initiative.

  • The council approved in concept an initiative to raise funds to support food banks as they responded to challenges presented by the recent government shutdown.

  • The council received an update on the proposed implementation director selection process.

  • The council received additional information regarding the federal government shutdown and its impact on SNAP and WIC.

At its meeting in February, the governing council will receive nominations for co-chairs and vote on leadership for the council. Members will also receive information about the program office finances.

Dec. 21, 2018 Kickoff Meeting Summary

The Governing Council kicked off its work by considering various issues needed to provide leadership and direction for the five years of Blueprint work. Seats on the council are continuing to be filled, with additional seats being held for individuals with lived experience as well as those representing rural areas of the state. The council received updates on the work of all four workgroups as well as an overview of the planned Blueprint communications structure.

Governing Council members considered both structure and oversight of the Blueprint during their first meeting. Particular areas of focus included:

  • The decision that Council terms will be one year to allow additional groups and individuals representation. Initial board terms will be staggered to avoid having the entire board roll off at the same time.

  • The governing council will pursue an executive team concept to support coordination of staff work.

  • The Blueprint has tried to employ consensus-based decision making rather than up or down voting on key decisions and that tradition will continue.

  • The Council is in the final process of drafting and posting a job description for the Implementation Director, with an aggressive timeline to have that director in place by early Spring.

The Governing Council’s next meet will be held at 9:30 a.m. on Jan. 25, 2019 at the Colorado Health Foundation.